Birthday Flowers

Someone special in your life has a birthday approaching. What can you give them that they will absolutely love? Something that’s not too outrageous, or fattening, or impersonal? Flowers!

The Victorians created an entire language regarding flowers. Each flower represents a sentiment. Just by using certain flowers in a bouquet, you can tell someone you love them; they are a dear friend; you will never forget them; wish them good luck; and more.

Why Get Flowers for Birthdays? 

Flowers can convey a very personal message, so think carefully about what you choose to send. For example, a bouquet of a dozen red roses for your fiancé will most likely be received with a big smile. The same kind of bouquet sent to your boss may raise a few eyebrows!

Because you can order them the same day, fresh flowers can be delivered exactly when you need them. They’re also perfect for someone who lives in another city. Therefore, flowers are ideal for those who may have remembered a birthday a little late!

Popular Types of Birthday Flowers

Which are the best flowers to send for a birthday? That depends. Think about several things first: is your relationship friendly or romantic? How long have you known each other? Does this person have a favorite flower or color? In what month were they born? The size of the bouquet also symbolizes your relationship. A small bouquet suggests something more casual or recently begun. A large arrangement means things are more serious. Here are some additional suggestions:

  • Roses – Red roses are symbols of deep, romantic love, but be sure to reserve them only for someone with whom you have a serious relationship. If you still want to send roses, and the receiver is a friend or family member, consider white or yellow roses. These colors are “safer” because they mean friendship and loyalty.
  • Daisies – Perfect for children or younger family members, daisies symbolize youth and innocence. On the other hand, a bouquet of daises is perfect for a casual friend whose birthday is in the spring. Mix them with some Queen Anne’s Lace or Tulips for a perfect spring bouquet.
  • Violets – These can be offered as a small bouquet or as a potted plant. Violets mean that you are thinking of them fondly or that they are simply in your thoughts. Again, this is perfect for a new relationship or someone who is living in another city.
  • Lilies – These flowers are attractive and rather exotic – especially those with different colors other than white. Lilies mean happiness and prosperity and are perfect flowers for someone’s birthday.
  • Month Specific Flowers – Did you know each month has a flower dedicated to it? For example, March’s flower is the daffodil. The daffodil means new beginnings. The month of May is represented by the Lily of the Valley, which means sweetness and hope. November is assigned the chrysanthemum. This flower represents honesty and loyalty. Find out what flower is assigned to your loved one’s birthday month!

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