Bronx, NYC

When Bronx residents are in search of a reliable florist, who do they turn to? The answer is Park Avenue Floratique. We understand that it can be extremely challenging trying to choose just the right flowers for a special occasion. We want every client to experience the caring and dedication exhibited by our staff. We can help with the perfect selection of bouquets, live plants, and more.

You will be able to convey the exact message desired and speak volumes with some of nature’s most beautiful contributions. Whether you’re shopping for the perfect arrangement for the office, your home, or a particular occasion, our competitive prices and prompt delivery services are hard to beat.

About Bronx, NYC

When you look at New York City’s five boroughs, the Bronx is the northernmost. North of Queens and Northeast of Manhattan, approximately 42 square miles make up the Bronx. Much of that mileage is open space including the Bronx Zoo, New York Botanical Garden, Pelham Bay Park, Van Cortlandt Park, and Woodlawn Cemetery. The Bronx is thought to be instrumental as the founding place (or one of them) of hip-hop. Several off-off-Broadway theaters call the Bronx home, as does the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance. Notable personalities who hail from the Bronx include Jennifer Lopez, Al Pacino, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and more.

Lovely Everyday Selections in Bronx, NYC

Flowers are instrumental in so many instances from encouraging someone’s well-being to simply adding to the aesthetic appeal of a room. Want flowers to match your mood? Choose from selections such as “Amaryllis Delight”, “Beautiful Colors”, or “Birds of Paradise”.

Premium Live Plants in Bronx, NYC

Sometimes, rather than a bouquet, you’d really rather send a live plant. With the wide range of live plant arrangements at Park Avenue Floratique, you’re bound to find the perfect choice. No fuss, no muss.

Exquisite Orchids in Bronx, NYC

Did you know that the amazing orchid comes in a particular species which can survive some 100 years? These fascinating flowers are available at unbeatable prices, for special occasions, in a wide variety of arrangements. Some of our orchid selections include “Double Stem Orchid” and “Double Orchid in Rectangle”.

Handmade Basket Collections in Bronx, NYC

A handmade basket collection could be the perfect way to express your appreciation or heartfelt feelings. Whether it’s a business associate, a loved one, or something in between, an artistic handmade basket from Park Avenue Floratique is the ideal way to tell them how you feel.

Captivating Wedding Day Flowers in Bronx, NYC

There’s nothing like a Bronx wedding! Complement your already special occasion with fresh flowers from Park Avenue Floratique. With reception centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, and more, we put the focus on each bride’s vision and unique style.

Elegant Flowers for Corporate Buildings and Lobbies in Bronx, NYC

You have undoubtedly been in a Bronx lobby or reception area that contained a floral arrangement from Park Avenue Floratique – and you didn’t even know it! We’ve been expertly covering the floral needs of corporate buildings in the Bronx for decades.

Choose Park Avenue Floratique for Flower Delivery in Bronx, NYC Today

Since our inception, Park Avenue Floratique has provided the Bronx with delivery services and custom floral arrangements for special occasions such as birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and more. We even have plants and arrangements appropriate for Administrative Assistance Day! You’re bound to find something that is within your budget, meets your precise needs, and will be remembered fondly by the recipient. If you would like to try Park Avenue Floratique’s floral services in the Bronx, feel free to discuss your ideas with one of our knowledgeable florists via phone call at 800.472.7528. You may also fill out our online form for any inquiries.