Gorgeous Black And White Floral Arrangements NYC

The combination of black and white flowers can be a passionate combination. It works great for wedding bouquets, centerpieces and other floral arrangements.

black and white floral arrangements nyc

The mysterious and elegant look of the black and white combination makes it a favorite with contemporary interior designers for show homes and office buildings.

Here Are Some Popular Ideas For Black And White Floral Arrangements

• Black and white center pieces floral arrangements for formal dinners and parties

• Black and white floral arrangements for personal bouquets

• Cool black and white wedding centerpieces

• Black and white wedding floral arrangement ideas combined with other black and white accessories

• Dramatic black and white bouquets for special events

Top 5 Black Flowers To Bring Out Elegance And Mystery Of Floral Arrangements NYC

Black Dahlia
These are actually a very deep burgundy or sometimes a chocolate colour, some can be a very dark color. When you combine them with bright white flowers, the effect will be “as good as black”. It creates a beautiful, mysterious ambiance. Black dahlias look stunning in bouquets or as part of a centrepiece.

Chocolate Cosmos
This is a deep red, dark chocolate colored flower with a delicious scent of vanilla and hot chocolate. Not quite black, but will provide enough contrast to the white flowers to make a gorgeous bouquet.

Hellebore flowers are also known as Christmas roses because they flower around Christmas time. Although they are available in many different colors, they also come in a very dark, brownish red with very dark leaves. If you are looking for a particularly strong accent of black, this is a good one to use.

The black pansies are actually a very dark purple. Under the right light they would be almost a glossy black type of color. Pansies come a wide variety of colors where the petals are another color but the center is a big black spot. If you want to accent your black and white floral arrangement with another color, the right pansy might give you what you want. The black pansy is also said to attract love to one who carries it.

Calla Lily
Dark maroon or dark purple Calla lilies are very hard to find, but if you have the opportunity, they make some very beautiful floral arrangements. Dark Calla lilies are actually very, very dark. You would get a very strong contrast to the white in your arrangement. They look fantastic in bouquets and make a very elegant statement.

Top 5 Most Beautiful White Flowers For Floral Arrangements NYC

When composing flower arrangements for formal events, white is considered as a binding and reflecting colour as it reflects all the lights. It goes well with any color, especially black or grey.

The color white is often used where you are emphasizing peace and purity. It represents heavenly and pious feelings. When you add black flowers it adds the flavor of “earth”…so you have a “heaven on earth” type of feeling.

When you give white flowers to someone it is like presenting a token of purity, humility, and appreciation. It symbolizes innocence and a truthful, clean and open heart. White flowers give people a feeling of lightness and brightness.

You’ll often see white flowers being used in weddings, symbolizing the Immaculate Conception. In a wedding context they are associated with chastity and moral perfection. Brides are given white flowers to represent virginity and to convey modesty, beauty and innocence.

White flowers are also used in funerals to offer condolence and to symbolize the supreme light of God and a divine connection with the almighty.

White Rose
White roses symbolize elegant, timeless beauty. They represent true and young love. White roses are filled with spirituality and stand for purity, hope and virtue. They are also considered as a symbol of secrecy because of their discreetness.

They also symbolize reverence and are often used at memorial services and funerals.

White Lily
This graceful lily opens into six perfectly formed petals revealing eye-catching lime white accents near the base of the petals. Because of the exquisite shape, the pure white bloom make marvellous floral arrangements that brides love to feature in their wedding décor. White lilies create a sense of royalty in a bouquet or when used in a flower arrangement. White lilies symbolize purity and virginity.

White Calla Lily
White Calla lilies come with a long, slim, sexy stem with a large, voluptuous, trumpet shaped flower at the top. Looking at a white calla lily gives you a feeling of ‘magnificent beauty’. These white or creamy lilies are well known for its astonishing beauty and innocence.

For some, the white calla lily is the symbol of Jesus’ resurrection. The trumpet-like shape stands for victory in the glory of God. It is also associated with angels, symbolizing divine purity, holiness and faith.

White Orchid
White orchids are relatively uncommon. More often than not, you will see colored orchids in flower arrangements. White orchids are considered the rarest type of orchid.

When added to a black floral arrangement, the flower looks extremely elegant and pure. It stands out in every flower arrangement making it look glamorous.

White orchids stand for purity, innocence, virtue and divine beauty. It is considered a symbol of elegance and adds an exotic flavor to any wedding bouquet.

White Tulips
Tulips are one of the most loved flowers of the world and are an absolute beauty to the eye. White tulips are spring flowers which symbolize warmth, beauty and new beginnings. It is perfect for any occasion and represents purity, forgiveness and serenity.

White tulips are often given as a token of forgiveness. A white lily bouquet can be the perfect way to apologize to someone.

In the language of flower, it stands for ‘claiming worthiness’.

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