If you are looking for a reputable florist in Manhattan, you have come to the right place. Park Avenue Floratique offers stellar flower delivery services, floral design and arrangement services, and more. Whether you are looking to get roses to surprise your significant other or live plants to decorate your office, we have got your back. The current locations we serve in Manhattan, NYC include Upper East Side NYC, Downtown NYC, Midtown NYC, and Lower East Side NYC.

About Manhattan

Also known as the City, Manhattan is one of the most populated boroughs in New York City and has a population of over 1,660,000 residents. The borough consists of several islands where the larger ones include Marble Hill and Manhattan Island. Manhattan’s adjacent counties include Richmond County, Kings County, Queens County, Bronx County, Hudson County, and Bergen County. The City has also been described as the entertainment, media, and financial capital of the world. It is home to the United Nations Headquarters, Wall Street, NASDAQ, the New York Stock Exchange, and many other multinational media conglomerates.

Lovely Everyday Selections in Manhattan

If you are looking for flowers to decorate your home’s interior, our everyday selections in Manhattan are the perfect option. Be sure to check out our “Burst of Summer,” “A Hot Arrangement,” and more.

Premium Live Plants in Manhattan

From corn plants to jade plants, Park Avenue Floratique carries a comprehensive range of live plant arrangements. They are designed to bring beauty to our customers’ events!

Exquisite Orchids in Manhattan

Orchids are considered one of the most highly coveted of ornamental plants. They are often used to represent strength, beauty, luxury, and love. Park Avenue Floratique offers an array of orchid arrangements in Manhattan like our “Double Stem Orchid” or “Triple Orchid, Black Rectangle Glass.”

Handmade Basket Collections in Manhattan

At Park Avenue Floratique, our customers can express their heartfelt messages of appreciation and love with our fruit and gourmet baskets in Manhattan.

Captivating Wedding Day Flowers in Manhattan

Park Avenue Floratique is known for providing impeccable wedding flower design and delivery services in Manhattan. Our team focuses on each bride’s unique style and vision to personalize gorgeous selection of bouquets, reception center pieces, and more. Whether you want something that’s romantic, sophisticated, or contemporary, we have got you covered.

Elegant Flowers for Corporate Buildings and Lobbies in Manhattan

From Zen-inspired planters to table arrangements, Park Avenue Floratique has years of experience creating custom floral arrangements for a wide range of lobbies or reception desks across Manhattan. Our team may even be hired to prune and water your plants according to your desired schedule.

Choose Park Avenue Floratique for Flower Delivery in Manhattan Today

Park Avenue Floratique was founded in 1981 and has been providing custom floral arrangement and delivery services in Manhattan for over three decades. Our floral design studio specializes in a wide spectrum of occasions, including Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and even unique events like Administrative Assistant’s Day. Enjoy peace of mind that all of our floral arrangements are handmade and tailored according to your specific requirements and budget. They will be a true work of art. If you would like to try Park Avenue Floratique’s floral services in Manhattan, do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced florists via phone call at 800.472.7528. You may also fill out our online form for any inquiries.