Mother’s Day Flowers

What’s the best way to tell your mother, mother-in-law, or mother figure that you love her and you’re thinking of her on Mother’s Day? With flowers of course! Whether she lives across the street, across town, or across the country, receiving flowers is always a wonderful surprise.

Why Get Flowers for Mother’s Day? 

Flowers are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day for several reasons. First, because you can order flowers up to the same day you need them delivered, fresh flowers will arrive exactly when you want. Second, flowers are always a welcome gift. They are never fattening, they’re always the correct size, and brighten up a room just by being there. Third, if your mom says, “Oh, honey. I don’t need anything.”, she’ll still be tickled to receive a flower arrangement.

Popular Types of Mother’s Day Flowers

Victorians created a language of flowers, meaning specific flowers can also express a message. If you follow their language, then the flowers need to be carefully chosen. Which are the best flowers to send for Mother’s Day? Before you decide, answer these questions: Does your mom have a favorite flower? What month was she born in? What do you want to say with your flowers? Here are some suggestions:

  • Lilies – These flowers are exotic and very beautiful. There are many different colors other than white, so send your mother something fun in pink, orange, or variegated. Lilies are ideal for Mother’s Day because they mean happiness and prosperity.
  • Roses – Red roses are symbols of romantic love, so instead, consider choosing roses that are yellow, pink, or white. These colors mean friendship, joy, and loyalty.
  • Violets – Violets also come in a variety of colors and can be sent as a potted plant or in a bouquet. The meaning of violets is that the receiver is in your thoughts and heart. This is especially nice if your mother lives far away.
  • Mixed Bouquet – Because Mother’s Day is in May, a mixed bouquet of spring flowers will raise her spirits. Choose tulips, daisies, daffodils, peonies, and/or lily of the valley. If you know her favorite flower or her favorite color, you can create the arrangement around that as well.
  • Snap Dragons mean “Gracious Lady.” If that describes your mother, then this is the flower for her.
  • Month Specific Flowers – Each month has a dedicated flower. For example, March’s flower means new beginnings and is the daffodil. The Lily of the Valley represents May and means hope and sweetness. November has the chrysanthemum, which represents loyalty and honesty. Find out which flower is assigned to your mother’s birthday month and send her a bouquet of them. She’ll be thrilled.

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