New York City Flower Delivery With Calla Lilies

Our New York City Flower Delivery With Calla Lilies May Seem Playful & Pretty But It’s Actually A Powerful Aphrodisiac

When you arrange a New York City flower delivery to a lover, feel free to have some fun, while still delivering a meaningful compliment!New York City Flower Delivery Calla Lilies

An arrangement using Raspberry Calla Lilies celebrates a pretty and happy personality.

Typically, Calla Lilies have a large, trumpet-shaped bloom and slightly ruffled edges.  The Raspberry Calla Lily is a two-tone, pinky yellow with a creamy yellow head that fades into a deep pink.

You can use this flower for:
•    Birthday parties
•    Bridal shower
•    Trendy summer wedding
•    Representative of the sixth wedding anniversary

Calla is the Greek word for beauty.  Calla Lilies are a traditional symbol of marriage, but are often used to celebrate major transitions in life.

All Calla Lilies symbolize ‘magnificent beauty’ but pink Calla Lilies also represent admiration. It’s a real nice way to compliment a beautiful woman with a great personality.

You can create a beautiful combination by combining pink Calla Lilies with roses, lilies and hydrangea or simply on their own.  The long luxurious stems make any arrangement fabulous and sophisticated.

Yellow Cymbidiums Orchids

Yellow Cymbidiums Orchids are considered an aphrodisiac.  Just look at the flower and you’ll see why.Yellow_Orchid_Cymbidium_500x500

Large five-point blooms and a gorgeous yellow color highlighted with a red accent in the center is a delightful combination with the Raspberry color of Calla Lilies.

It you combine the rich, golden color of the with a blue arrangement, it’s perfect for a little boy baby shower!

Tinted blue roses or dark blue Iris flowers make a strong, fierce look that is sure to please the boy’s family.



New York City Flower Delivery Calla Lilies Come In Nine Different Colors

Order a few days in advance and we’ll try to get the color you want.

Fast, Friendly New York City Flower Delivery Is Also Available For Same Day Flower Delivery In NYC.

New York City Flower Delivery for Calla lilies come in 9 colors