Stunningly Beautiful Flower Delivery In New York For 911 Memorial

911 is definitely not known for being “stunningly beautiful”.  Yet, that’s what a flower delivery specialist in New York, Christine Negron, created at her client’s request on that fateful date, as a memorial for her family member.  Flower Delivery In New York Flower Delivery

Every year hundreds of people quietly file onto the 9/11 Memorial Plaza in New York City in the early morning, gathering for what is now a familiar ceremony, to pay tribute to relatives and friends they lost on September 11, 2001.

Some clutch photos of their loved ones. Others arrive with flowers, tears already flowing down their cheeks.

An article on DNAinfo quotes “For me, now, this is a peaceful, beautiful place,” said Ann Douglas, gripping a photo of her son, Frederick Cox, who died on the 104th floor of the South Tower when he was 27 years old.

“People grieve differently, but I had to focus on the happy life he had, the happiness that he brought to us — all the families here, we are connected, heart to heart.”

Many people avoid funerals and other memorial services because it is such a sad occasion.  Family and friends are feeling emotional and vulnerable.  It is hard to know the best way to behave in such a situation.

Here are some etiquette guidelines that will go a long way to ease the discomfort:

Sympathy Flower Sending Etiquette – Flower Delivery In New York

Sending Flowers After Some Time Has Passed

Sending flowers about a week or so after the funeral can be a good idea.  The initial chaos has passed, and the real depression has started to set in.  This is a good time to show your support to remind them that they are still in your thoughts.  Even if a few weeks have passed, flowers are a comforting reminder that friends have not forgotten about them and are still thinking of the family during the grieving process.

Is it okay to send flowers to the family’s home?

Definitely.  This is a very appropriate way to express your sympathy and is really appreciated by the family.

Is it appropriate to send flowers even if a donation is requested “in lieu of” flowers?

Most certainly.  Flowers are a good way to express feelings that are difficult to put into words.  They are always in good taste and are always appropriate as an expression of sympathy and emotional support.  There is nothing wrong with giving flowers and a donation too, if you like.

How can I make my floral arrangement unique or special?

If you want your floral tribute to be particularly special and unique, ask your florist to create an arrangement that fits the deceased’s personality.  Show them some pictures or tell them a particular story that represents your relationship with the deceased.  Help the florist understand what feelings you want to communicate.  Tell them what colors they liked or their favorite flowers…  An experienced flower delivery specialist will pick up on your emotions and give you a work of art that will really stand out.

Is it a good idea to send flowers for a cremation?

A beautifully designed floral arrangement is a great idea for any type of memorial service.  Flowers are often used as a tasteful tribute to display with the urn.

What kind of flowers are appropriate to send?  Flower delivery in New York

If you are sending flowers to a funeral, it is a good idea to avoid sending a vase that is easy to tip over.  Other than that, here are some good ideas you can think about:

  • Funeral Baskets
  • Green and Blooming Plants
  • Sympathy Sprays
  • Vase Arrangements
  • Wreaths and Specialty Arrangements